Christmas 2012

A very merry Christmas to you!merry Christmas

We would also like to take this opportunity and thank you for being part of

This Gospel Music project was started in December 2010 and has succesfully completed its two years with His grace and your support.

We hope to continue to bring you the best of Masihi Music from around the globe and continue to encourage and convince you to worship the Lord using this website.

We pray that this Christmas brings tremendoud happiness and eternal joy in your life.

If we are celebrating Christmas, the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ but are not fully faithful to Him and do not fully follow His teaching, then we must act on it and change it!

Christmas is not just the time of receiving and giving those worldly gifts. If we aren't in posession of the reasl gift of Christmas i.e. Jesus Christ, then there is no point in celebrating Christmas.

Many celebrate it as a day of celebration and call it festive season. However, we must not forget that Jesus Christ is the reason for this season.

Once again, a very merry Christmas and we hope you are celebrating the real Christmas.

God bless you.

Second Birthday

Your has turned 2 - we are two years old today.second birthday

We would like to say a big thank you to all our faithful visitors and supporters of this Masihi Worship project.

When we started two years back we had only one aim, to bring you the best and largest collection of Masihi Music available in Urdu/Punjabi, using the latest technology, and praise the Lord that we have been successful in doing so.

Today, we have the largest collection of Masihi Music on the world wide web for you to listen and get blessed.

We have even gone one step further and have developed the first ever Masihi musicical iOS app that you can download FREE on your iPhone, iPod and iPad, through which you could enjoy Masihi Music even when you are out and about. If you like to read more about our iOS app, please click here.

A big thank you to all of you once again for being part of this project. We hope you continue to enjoy Masihi Music and when you do, please do not forget to share this website with others, so they could join in to worship the Lord Almighty with us.



There's An App For That

Masihi Songs?fp iPhone app

Yes, "there's an app for that..."

We are deilghted to inform you that an iOS app is now available for all iPhone/iPod/iPad users to enjoy Masihi Songs on their handheld devices.

Version 1.0 of application called "Masihi Songs" was released on 12 December 2012 and can be downloaded FREE from Apple's App Store. This version only offers selection of "Top 10" Masihi albums from to the application users. However, future updates will bring more music for users.

If you use an iPhone, iPod or iPad and still haven't downloaded this FREE application, we request you to download it and also tell your friends and family about it.

Click here to download or search "Masihi Songs" in the App Store.


Let's Celebrate Our New Look

A big thank you to all our visitors for making it one of the most popular and successful Masihi music project.

With Lord's grace and your support, we are about to completly our 2nd year online and soon we will be celebrating second birthday of this, yours very own Masihi Song.

Since we never went through any major design revisions since our launch in December 2010, we thought this is about time to make some changes and fill this website with more colours and charm, and here we are, with a brand new look of

We hope you'll like our efforts and appreciate it. If you come across any erros or problems while listening music on this website, please contact us.

Behind the scenes we have also been working on more exciting things to make this project more accessible to you and we hope to get the news out about those works soon.

Thank you again and God bless.